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Using this information as a basis the Promotional Committee approached the President of the Region and his councillors in February 1989 with the idea of building an astronomical observatory at Saint-Barthélemy.

At the end of 1992, following several meetings the Regional Administration gave a mandate to Francesco Fumagalli to see if the “seeing” qualities observed by Professor Fracastoro were still valid.
During the same year the Promotional Committee organised the 1st Star Party, at its 12th edition in 2003.

In March 1993 the "Oak leaf Astronomical Instruments" delivered the research results to the Promotional Committee and the Regional Administration: “judging the climate data and observations made in the first three months of 1993 we can conclude that the site (…) is totally suitable for an Astronomical Observatory (…)”.

A series of meetings followed this decision with the Regional authorities up until 1994 when the architect Daniele Eynard and the engineer Marco Verdina were given the job by the Regional Office for Public Works to draw up plans.

In the meantime the Promotional Committee continued its work visiting observatories and planetariums and initiating plans for the planetarium that would accompany the observatory, including the setting up of management plans for both. So whilst the building of the Observatory continued, the Promotional Committee proposed the creation of a no-profit Foundation to take on the management.
The planetarium’s construction was bought to a halt in the autumn of 2000 when terrible floods hit the Aosta Valley, especially Nus, derailing funding to more urgent concerns. The enterprise has now re-started due to an Intereg project between the town of Nus and the town of Lansleborg-Montcenis in Savoy (France), now being examined by the European Union.

On the 14th November 2002, using the Regional Law n.24, the Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley founded the Clément Fillietroz Foundation, in honour of the meteorologist, composed of the following three bodies: the Aosta Valley Regional Council, the town of Nus and the Mont-Emilius Mountain Community.

The Regional Council promised to deed the Observatory buildings or part of them that belong to the Region to the Foundation in August 2003.
The three state bodies undertook to give the Foundation during the years 2002-2004 finance of _105.000 (one hundred and five thousand Euro) a year to set up the Observatories activities.
In agreement with the other bodies the Regional Council nominated the Board of Administration in May 2003.

At long last after 14 years the Observatory is up and running and the Promotional Committee’s adventure was over

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